Several designers are responsible for interpreting the PB 0110 brand philosophy. As they revisit and review our understanding of bags and accessories, over time they create a veritable family of different products all based on the same DNA: natural leather, linen and solid brass, plus a belief in the deep significance of beloved objects in our everyday lives. The designer’s initials appear in the name of each item.

Christine Ahrens

CA – Christine Ahrens has worked for international labels including Asprey and Jil Sander. Based in London, she is a much sought-after specialist in shoe and accessory design.

Ayzit Bostan

AB – Ayzit Bostan moves fluently between the worlds of design and art. Her collections are exhibited at MMK Frankfurt, BQ Berlin, the Goethe-Institut in Tokyo and the Kunstverein in the fair city of Munich, where she lives.


    (© Fabian Frinzel)

    (© Fabian Frinzel)

    (© Fabian Frinzel)

    (© Fabian Frinzel)

  • Fabric 2

Friederike Daumiller

FD – Product designer Friederike Daumiller has created all the fittings for PB 0110 in brass. Moreover, she works on exhibition projects such as ‘Panorama- Konstantin Grcic’ alongside Konstantin Grcic for Vitra Design Museum.


  • Pet D
    (© Fabian Frinzel)

  • The Tea Garden Edition Taube Basel
    (© Peter Granser)

  • Ausstellung Lothringer

  • Flaschenöffner Palais Mai
    (© Fabian Frinzel)

  • The Tea Garden Edition Taube Basel
    (© Peter Granser)

Christian Metzner

CM – Christian Metzner is a young designer from Berlin, rapidly acquiring a reputation for precision craftsmanship and the invention of inspired refinements.


  • Fraukroeger
    (© Amos Fricke)

  • Rien
    (© Jonas Lindström)

  • Riesling
    (© Amos Fricke)

  • Riesling Collier
    (© Amos Fricke)

Haw-lin Services

HAW – The visual identity of PB 0110 is the brainchild of Haw-Lin Services. The two designers Nathan Cowen and Jacob Klein maintain their own internationally renowned online moodboard www.haw-lin.com.


  • Richie Hawtin, 2015

  • Schwarm Szmania

  • Sleek Magazine

  • Tush Magazine

New Tendency

NT – NEW TENDENCY is contemporary design from Berlin. NEW TENDENCY is a design company that applies Modernist principles onto contemporary objects of the everyday. In Bauhaus tradition, NEW TENDENCY creates products characterized by conceptual design, clean aesthetics and functional form, handcrafted in Germany.


  • Meta Side Table

  • Throne chair

  • Yuhi Lamp

  • December Lamp


YS – The artistic concept of the PB 0110 showroom is the creation of Japan-based design team Yusuke Seki. Their work embraces simplicity and minimalism at first glance but with new interpretations. Gaining inspiration from aspects which already exist within the context: such as materials, location, history; all gathered and represented through the formal design approach.


  • Bake Cheese Tart Store, Kyoto

  • Kolmio+LIM Nail Salon, Osaka

  • Maruhiro Flagship Store, Nagasaki

  • Otsuka Gofukuten, Kobe

  • Tadafusa Factory Showroom, Nigata

  • PB 0110 Showroom, Paris