Two years ago, we launched the FOUND category. We introduced the shopping net from Laos. Now I have found another beautiful bag that I have not seen before. The Hinza bag from Sweden. Designer Jasper Morrison, who I worked for many, many years ago, posted the bag on Instagram. I was curious and found a wonderful story.

The plastic bag was designed in the 1950s by the Swedish chemical company Perstorp under the official name "Shopping Bag 329". The bag quickly became popular as a versatile and practical bag in households and for transporting household goods. However, production was discontinued in the 1960s when grocery shops began distributing free plastic bags. In 2006, Karin Bachstätter, the great-granddaughter of Perstorp founder Wilhelm Wendt, had the idea to produce new bags. In the meantime, the bag has been registered as applied art by Svensk Form (Swedish Society for Crafts and Design).

My wife Vivica has tested the bag extensively and is very happy with it. Its flexible use gives the bag a distinctly functional and practical value. Made in Sweden and made from sugar cane based bioplastic, 35,- €. We feel the Hinza bag fits beautifully into our collections in terms of function, design and manufacturing. 

Thank you Karin for bringing this beautiful bag back to life and thank you Jasper for sharing it.


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