PB0110 is a bag and accessory label by Philipp Bree. He started thinking about his own brand in 2012, founded PB 0110 and left the family business BREE. In January 2013, he presented his first collection in Berlin and Paris.

Philipp Bree believes in the importance of beloved object, things that develop individuality in daily use, that grow close to our hearts and become beloved companions over time. The bags and accessories are made exclusively from European leathers certified to the highest standard, pure linen and brass. Ideal materials that become even more beautiful and gain character over time. made by selected European manufacturers who have been experienced in the production and processing of high-quality materials for generation. 

The collection is created in collaboration with important designers, artists, architects, whom Philipp Bree appreciates and invites for their work.


An interview with PB0110 founder and creative director, Philipp Bree on his approach to product creation, how our possessions define us and his mission to create bags with the longevity of future antiques.

What inspired you to create PB0110 and focus on BELOVED PRODUCTS as a brand concept?

"I love bags because I grew up with them, but after ten years of work in the family business, I was really searching for the reason to make new products. The planet is full. Humans have produced way too much and we're packed. Then I thought, 'how could a bag make an impact for the future?' Make a difference, become relevant. This, combined with this book that talked about objects, how things identify with our personality and define us – like space, it defines your mind. That gave me this mission, this "why" – the Beloved Objects concept was born. With PB0110 I created a new brand that exclusively produces as closely as possible within Europe, using high-quality materials – the best they can – that last aesthetically and quality-wise. I’d had my bag for 25 years already when I started PB, so that was inspiration.” 

Tell us about the philosophy behind AGED PRODUCTS and how you envision the relationship between humans and objects evolving over time.

“More important than the product itself, it's about the story you experience; whether something is relevant in our personal space. Being able to build up a relationship with products – I think that's valuable – especially in times when there's so much of everything. At PB0110, we make products that have the potential to accompany you for a long time. Our  bags are timelessly designed to fit many different styles, whether you're minimal or very elaborate. So, it has the potential to be by your side over a lifetime of journeys."

How do you see PB0110's AGED PRODUCTS making a positive impact on sustainability and reducing waste?

"When a product is timeless with a high quality design, it truly lasts. We're in a time of so much greenwashing. Even when products are made using recycled materials but the product only lasts three months — we don't gain anything from that. So, although this concept [of quality] is from the past, it's extremely relevant in the present. If we create good products that last, it will have a huge impact on sustainability."

What role do you believe BELOVED OBJECTS play in promoting a more mindful and intentional lifestyle for your customers?

"If I use my travel bag, I always receive numerous comments. People ask where the bag is from – not because they know me, but because I'm somewhere and people notice it. So, using and consuming things in this manner offers a personal pleasure, and in a way, that makes it truly relevant. Because it touches you and also touches others. That's what we're aiming for."

As a brand, how do you address the challenge of balancing timeless aesthetics with evolving trends?

"Our challenge lies in making fewer products but communicating them differently. Placing them on different stages, and demonstrating their relevance in various environments. Communication plays a significant role. Another aspect is that we can enhance our product range by adding components that have an impact on the entire collection. This, I believe, is crucial for us.We concentrate on development to create styles with the potential to endure in the market for the long term. Of course, not all of our creations will stay forever due to timing, fashion trends, and various factors that keep things dynamic. Yet, we're committed to approaching everything we do with the mindset that it should possess the aesthetic endurance to last for the next 20 years."

PB0110 products are often referenced as LIFETIME COMPANIONS. Could you explain a little more about this thought process?

"A very personal piece shouldn't always be subject to change. In certain situations, you have products that become part of your identity. In our case, it's a bag. When you see friends with worn backpacks that have marks and spots on them, you realise the product has transcended. It's no longer about our brand; it's about their backpack and their personal experience with it. The brand identity fades, It becomes their possession. That’s actually the reason for including brackets with the PB0110 logo: we give structure to the bag, but by using and living with the bag, it becomes the consumers’.”

What do you hope people will take away from their experience with PB0110's AGED PRODUCTS in terms of building a more sustainable and meaningful relationship with their belongings?

“On a larger scale, the pattern of overconsumption in the Western world can’t persist as it has for the past few decades. We've been sensing for many years that mindsets need to change. We can already perceive significant shifts. Younger generations, creators, and their attitudes to consumption are different, already embracing an alternative approach. If the PB brand philosophy can contribute to a different way of looking at consumption and consumerism, keeping products in use for longer, I'd be very happy playing our part.”