AB 18.3

AB 18.3

I am in love with this bag. It is one of my personal favourites in our collection. Inspired by simple gym bags, our version is made of a very thin leather. 
It is super light, only 290 gr. We have achieved this because the high quality of the leather allows it to be split to 0.7 mm and remains durable. 
The bag easily holds an 13"inch computers and everyday things. It can easily be carried over one or two shoulders or, in the latest version, on two handles.  
Depending on the colour, the leather comes from Germany or Belgium, both certified with the highest standard.
Above all, our version of the gym bag ages beautifully over time and becomes a small reflection of your personal travel experiences. 
The one in the picture above, has been in use for about 750 days. Available in natural, SCHWARZ, white and light blue

I wish you a wonderful second Advent.


Philipp Bree

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