AW 2020 CM 51

AW 2020 CM 51

Questions to yourself when leaving the house (in former times): 
- Do I have everything with me? Do I have the keys? Money? Glasses? Handkerchiefs? Lipstick? Hairbrush and ID card?
- Do I need a jumper?
- Where do I put the rain cape?
- And if I stay away overnight? 

Question of the digitalised person when leaving the house (today):
- My smartphone?
- I will sort out the rest on the way. 

The extent to which the digital change is changing everyday
life can be seen in the number of things
you think you need to have with you. They are becoming fewer and fewer.
And they hardly take up any more space.
PB 0110 aims to shape the culture of small things. 
Our new card case follows this philosophy.
CM 51 is the size of a folded 50 Euro note. With its three compartments
it is designed for banknotes as well as eight electronic cards.
It is open at the top and a clever little leather lip ensures
that the contents cannot slip out. So it disappears
easily in your pocket without its contours becoming unpleasantly prominent.
CM 51 is a further development of our wallets, where
we still assumed the need for cash and
knew how to store coins safely behind zips.
But as more and more countries such as Finland, Sweden and
China are moving towards cashless payments and
are creating the technical conditions for exclusively
electronic payments, it is worthwhile to rethink the aesthetics of the wallet.
Why still close the case with a zip or the like
when its valuable contents are protected in the form of encrypted data?

PB 0110 is dedicated to inventing things that make life easier.
His vegetable tanned, high quality processed leather bags and
accessories should be lifelong companions.
They can only be that by being ahead of their time.
It is no small thing if they get smaller in the process. 



Philipp Bree

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