A few weeks ago we invited Zsuzsanna Toth to our home with the wish to create a picnic from our spring assembly of products and ingredients.
Zsuzsanna opened the GAIA restaurant a year ago with her partner Julia Heifer. It is located in Gerswalde about an hour from Berlin in the middle of nature and is a truly magical place. 

She arrived in Hanover with a box of fresh ingredients from the market and in combination with our selection she created a wonderful lunch, which we as a team enjoyed so much.

Only the weather didn't cooperate, instead of spring temperatures it had snowed and instead of picnic on the meadow we sat at the table. 


Image of Khmu 2 Natural


Image of Roots Radicals Salsa


Image of Ribelmais Chips


Image of Mimi Ferment Usukuchi Shoyu


Image of Mimi Ferment Ama-Miso


Image of Eshly Bentobox

Image of Auerberg Cutting Board-Set
Image of Roots Radicals Green Tomato Marmalade
Image of Pott Slicing Knife
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