Recommendations from friends always have something
very special for me. I like to follow them or simply enjoy
the enthusiasm that comes up when talking about them.
Today I would like to recommend some of my friends,
companions and their beautiful works,
which were created during the time of COVID 19.
I am curious about your reactions. 


01.Christian Metzner Brandenburg

Christian and I have known each other for 9 or 10 years.
He designs almost all accessories in our collection (CM).
I appreciate his perseverance, his feeling for shapes,
his nature and his wonderful serenity towards life.
In addition to the accessories, he has built up his own label,
Christian Metzner Brandenburg, in recent years. 
The XYZ necklace is one of his latest works. 280,- €
© Amos Fricke
Instagram: @christianmetznerbrandenburg



02. Ayzit Bostan

I have known Ayzit for almost 13 years, and we have been
working together since then. She is responsible for the AB
models within the PB 0110 collection. It was and
is always a pleasure to work with her. Never boring.
She has the wonderful gift of creating timeless pieces with minimal,
surprising interventions. But perhaps her even greater
talent is her feeling for people and atmosphere. She has also worked
continuously on her own label. A beautiful example is
the bold bracelet in timeless 925 silver, 150,- €.
© Fabian Frinzel
Instagram: @ayzitbostan


03.Nora Khereddine Objects

Nora will open a shop in Munich on November 9th.
This is really courageous and driven by passion.    
You will find beautiful small objects from small brands
and manufacturers and also unique vintage pieces.
I love the hand-woven vintage blankets made in Marroco.
135,- €. All the best Nora!
Instagram: @nora_khereddine_objects



04.The Scissorhands

The Scissorhands is an artist focusing on contemporary collage. 
The collage works are carefully built arrangements that
often consist merely out of two picture elements. Her works create eerie
dreamlike sceneries with unexpected
juxtapositions of objects and parts of the body.

"Frankfurt", analogue collage,
transferprint on Alu Dibond, 60 x 80cm,
edition of five, signed and numbered. 500,- €
Instagram: @the_scissorhands_

05.Lars Eidinger

In January 2019 I met Lars and one year later we introduced the bag LE 1.
It was wonderful journey together. Now Lars has realised a new project,
a picture book of his photography. Both projects show so beautifully
how wonderfully diverse creative expression can and may be. 30,- Euro.
Instagram: @larseidinger

06.Public Posession


In 2009 I met Marvin, the co-founder of Public Possession.
In the meantime, he and his friend Valentino have developed a fascinating
idea of a brand: an outlet to channel their different interests.
The idea was to emphasize the relationship between music,
text, graphic design and happenings. Their latest T-shirt is a homage
to Japanese tree art and a reference to Italy,
where "Bon Sai" can be freely interpreted as "you know what's good“. 48,- €
Instagram: @public_possession

07.PB 0110

A recommendation on my own behalf, because it means a lot to me.
CM 1 is the first wallet that we added to the collection 7 years ago.
In our eyes, the shape is still as relevant as when it was introduced.
Now there is CM 1.1, we have only reworked the interior.
I really like this way of working and developing. 149,- €
© Haw-lin Services
Instagram: @pb0110


08.KHMU 1

Such a traditional product and ahead of its time.
Planted, irrigated, harvested, dried, design and processed everything
in small villages in the forests of Laos. Khmu 1,
a product that we did not design, touches me and
I am happy that we can tell this story. 35,- €
© Studio Tusch
Instagram: @pb0110


09.Holländische Kakaostube

My favourite cafe in my hometown.
They bake the best Baumkuchen in the world for me
and that for 125 years. Congratulations.
The Stube unfortuneatly ships only within Germany. 20,- €
For international shipping please contact me.

10.Galerie Koch


Ole is one of my oldest and best friends and gallery owner.
Yesterday, under Corona conditions, he opened the exhibition
Lyonel Feiniger: Works from six decades.
My favorite work is  'Brig with brown sails‘,
Watercolour on paper, 1934.
28.000,- €
Instagram: @galeriekoch1955



I got to know Taro in Japan. He wrote a book about German cotton
shopping bags. It is fantastic! And this is just one of
his different and special projects. Neither I speak Japanese nor
he speaks fluent English, but we can communicate excellently.
Often about objects. During one of his visits to Germany
he brought me AKA-BEKO (red cows in Japanese) made of Paper.
Taro developed this monochrome edition with
a very traditional manufacturer in Japan.
According to an old legend a symbol for health.
A wish that could not be more appropriate in these times.
Starting from 16,- Euro.
Instagram: @tarocomputer



Philipp Bree

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